Lucky Ducks and Bright Spots


Thanksgiving is in the air.  No, not the spicy fragrance of pumpkin pie.  ‘Tis heartier fare I speak of, more refreshing than a double shot of espresso to a caffeine addict marooned on a desert isle.  I’m talking about Bright Spots.


My mother, widowed with seven children, taught me to recognize them, from a distance, in passing, and in disguise.


It’s like bird watching. Flashy red cardinals and blue jays naturally draw the eye, and you can’t miss the shiny green pate of a male Mallard.  But look among the mottled brown feathers of a female Mallard, and you can see the lucky lady sports a striking patch of iridescent blue feathers on each wing that would make a peacock proud.


Each night when I tucked my kids in, we looked back on the day and counted our blessings.  I had proof this lesson ‘took’ when I took my daughter Bea to England.  We spent our first day at Anne Boleyn’s childhood home, Hever Castle, and our first night in ‘Heaver Hell.’  Bea got sick all over her bed.  When I put her in mine so I could clean up hers, she barfed on my bed too.  In the wee hours of the morning, after the 10th upheaval, Bea flashed me a weak smile and said, “At least now I can brag that I’m into the double digits.”   That’s what I call looking at the bright side!

Bea at Bodiam Castle, feeling MUCH better!

All words and images ©2016Naomi Baltuck

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  1. It’s a pleasure to see your new blog each time. Thanks for directions to all these great sites; I can’t wait to have the time to go exploring in the blogosphere…

  2. Dear fellow bloggernaut, thank you for your kind words. Each time I post I feel almost as though I have taken a little trip. After reading your comment, I realize that I actually have made a journey–into the blogosphere. Thanks so much for following my blog!

  3. Lovely post, Naomi! And a timely reminder to appreciate all the many “bright spots” in my own life.
    Happy Ides!

  4. What a sweet post. You are so kind to everybody, Naomi! I’m happy for your award. You deserve it. I am new to the Bloggernet too. People like you make it a welcoming place! Thanks for the information on the female Mallard. I did not realize that. Publish that book.

    1. Hi George, thank you so much. You are one of those people I have so enjoyed meeting through your great blog. Who could resist one titled, She Kept a Parrot? And I’m moving that book up on my Writer’s Egg Chain (one of my December 2011 posts). Thanks so much for your kind words, and your visit. It means a lot to me.

    1. Wow! Thank you, Mike. I am so honored. I have enjoyed following your blog so much. I know that when I open up a new message, it will either be really useful information, or it will make me smile, which is just as important!

  5. Congratulations and well deserved Naomi! I look forward to checking out the five pay it forward Liebster blogs – and to finding Bright Spots in my own life. Iridescent feathers hiding……


  6. Welcome to the Bloggerhood, and congratulations on both, or, all your blogging awards, as with entries with such heart felt ebb and flow as your style of compassionate observation, I am certain you will soon have a a bragging wall covered …Bless You

    1. Oh, Sue, ain’t it the truth! Whether reading or writing, it’s what I enjoy. Even serious books or situations can be relieved or diffused with a bit of humor. Thanks so much for taking the time to come and visit.

  7. Hello my friend! Klara sent me your link so I just had to stop by and say hello. And as always, I enjoyed reading while I was here too. I miss talking with you. I don’t get on here much these days, but when I come to my daughters house I’ll have to check in on you 🙂 Love ya Deb!

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