Harrison Ford and The Wildlife Report

In 1981, at the theater debut of Raiders of the Lost Ark, I whispered to my boyfriend Thom, “Honey, if I couldn’t have you, I’d have Indiana Jones.”

A few years ago, my sister Constance and I spent a week in Jackson Hole, WY, where Harrison Ford has a ranch.  I gave a goodbye kiss to my kids and Thom, my husband of twenty-some years.  “Dang!” I said.  “I forgot to get my hair cut.”

“Why bother?” asked Thom.

“I want to look my best, in case we run into Harrison Ford,” I joked.

From Grand Teton National Park I called in the daily Wildlife Report.  “We saw a moose at Willow Flats, a bear, skunk roadkill, and a doe with triplets.”   Next day it was a coyote, an osprey with a fish, and a bison that peed in public.  The folks at home were very impressed.

One rainy day, after having lunch in town, we walked down the street.  I picked at that last stubborn bit of tuna between my teeth, and noted my reflection in a shop window.  My wet hair was looking pretty scraggly.  “Stimudent?” I asked Con.

She didn’t answer–I turned and followed her gaze–she was staring at the back of a man in tan cargo pants and a matching jacket.  “That’s Harrison Ford.”

“Good one,” I said.  ” But that guy’s too short.”

“Honest!” said Con.

I’d only glimpsed the guy’s back on a crowded sidewalk.  It could be.   “Swear.  On our mother’s grave.”

She wasn’t lying.

“Oh, my God!” I cried.  “They will never believe this back home!  I need proof!  Photo-documentation!”

I drew my camera and followed, elbowing small children and little old ladies out of my way, but I couldn’t catch up.  He jaywalked through traffic and I saw only the back of his head as he went into a ski shop.  My face pressed discreetly against the glass, I saw him walk to the back wall, and the display of…no, not whips, knives or even hats.  Stuff sacks.

He still had his back to me.  I had to know.  I entered the store, but panicked, and went straight to the rack of sunglasses on the front counter.  A clerk  hurried over to help.  But there was no help for me; I had just stalked a man who might or might not be Harrison Ford through the streets of Jackson.  I bolted for the door.   As I escaped, the man glanced over his shoulder.

It was Him.  That night the Wildlife Report included a Big Game Hunt and Worthy Prey.

©2015 Naomi Baltuck

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  1. Hi,
    I loved the story, what a shame you didn’t go up to him, if it was Harrison Ford he may not of minded getting a photo taken with you. 😀

  2. This was hilarious. For years I swore that the only reason why I am heterosexual is because of all of those Indiana Jones movies.

    1. Hi Vanessa. I don’t collect autograph or celebrity photos,but after joking about seeing him, and then running into him by chance, I felt like I really needed to at least be able to see his face.

      1. Absolutely! I don’t collect that stuff either but you had to do what you did, I would’ve done the same. You do know if your hair was perfect that day you would’ve never seen him lol!

      2. I’m sure that’s true. While I was looking the other way, he made meaningful eye contact with my sister, flashing her a “Yes-I’m-Harrison-Ford smile.”

  3. I’m glad you didn’t nominate my blog because although I do have some doozie embarrassing stories, I have already embalmed them in a closed tomb located in a secret neural cell somewhere in my brain. But I’m also glad that you are somewhat more forthcoming, because I loved your story. (I am another who thinks that Harrison Ford is yummy, by the way.)

    1. He is definitely one of a kind. This was a tricky award to pass on. I wanted to be careful to nominate people who seemed more likely to enjoy sharing that kind of story. I appreciate your taking the time visit and comment.

  4. Wow – how’s that for an honor!? The TMI Award isn’t given to just anyone. And I absolutely loved your account of spotting Harrison Ford. Your writing is delicious.

  5. That’s an awesome Harrison Ford story. But totally understandable. I kind of ‘stalk’ some superstars myself. 😀

    Wait, what? TMI? Haha.

    But thank you. Now let me think of some embarrassing story that I can share… hmmm.

  6. This really made me laugh! Celebrity sightings have a way of making me and my friends act like silly fools, so it’s good to know we’re not the only ones. Remind me to tell you of the time I saw Viggo Mortensen!

    1. Once late at night I saw Tom Hulce at Sea-Tac airport–just after he starred in Amadeus. There wasn’t another soul in sight, and I was close enough to shake his hand, but I was very grownup–didn’t even try to meet his eye. I am not going to let you forget–you owe me a Viggo story. Hope to see you in June–Eli will be home by then. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. We all have that silly fool inside us. It’s a special person who can bring it out! And a stellar person who can share the stories of when it does….

  8. I cannot visit you blog. I would homestead it for sure. Your entire family is a gene pool of pure creativity, huh? This piece is just delightful. Without words, I’d rather be dead.

    Do you know Shimonz? His blog is “The Human Picture”. He is a scholar, a writer, a professional photographer. He has works published mostly in Hebrew, but some in English. He says the Hebrew cannot be translated meaningfully. His native language is Hebrew, but he writes in English with more skill than most English-speaking people. He is probably nearing seventy. Take a minute or two to read a couple of his posts. There is a poem titled, “Oh, The Ache of It” and one titled, “Bye Jack” that are superb.
    http://thehumanpicture.wordpress.com/2012/01/27/oh-the-ache-of-it/ You would enjoy Shimon and he would enjoy you.

    1. Dear George, you are too funny! I am going to look up Shimonz right now–thanks for the recommendation. Thanks, too, for the visit. (BTW, I’d love to have you homestead in my backyard.)

  9. hi Naomi,
    you amused me with
    “…I drew my camera and followed, elbowing small children and little old ladies out of my way, but I couldn’t catch up. He jaywalked through traffic and I saw only the back…”

    1. Thank you, Frizz. This was interesting to watch. I loved the action and adventure of the Indiana Jones movies (except for the Temple of Doom, which was a huge disappointment after The Lost Ark.) But honestly, I consider my husband, who actually can communicate about his emotions, and who was not afraid to make a lifelong commitment to me, more of a hero than Harrison Ford OR Indiana Jones.

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