Travel Theme: Oceans (and the Irish Coastline)

In Ireland, the ocean is everywhere.

Sometimes hiding in the mist…

History hangs heavy in the ocean air, like breath moistened by a story.

In rough weather…

Or calm…

Whether watching intently…

Or only vaguely aware of it…

You can still smell the salt in the air…like a ghost.

You can feel it like a heartbeat…

And hear it like a lullabye…

Copyright 2012 Naomi Baltuck


  1. You have a really good eye Naomi!
    I loved the reflection on the water, it’s so sharp; and the colors of the sea are really amazing and make me wanna be there right now.
    Beautiful photos!!

  2. Naomi that was an thoughtful and poetic peek at Irish oceans, with some gorgeous pictures too.

    While I’d probably have to choose the drama of ‘you feel it like a heartbeat’ shot, my emotional favourite is the phrase “History hangs heavy in the ocean air, like breath moistened by a story.”

  3. Hi,
    Wow, fantastic photos, I loved your ghost well done, and the cliff-face with the people standing on top is just awesome what a shot. 😀

  4. Beautiful photos. And as I recall the sea is no more than 40 miles from any point on the Emerald Isle. Which, of course, begs the question: why did so many starve?

    1. Dear Elyse, I know this is hard to believe, but while the Irish tenants were starving to death, the rich landholders were actually exporting grain from the country. So sad. The population of Ireland never recovered–there are less people living there today than there were before the Great Famine!

  5. Your photography is so artistic. That ‘ghost’ – how should I describe it? Shuddery-brilliant, it so spooked me. And I love celtic crosses. I used to wear a gold one on a chain about my neck, but lost it in the woods (the cross, I mean, not my neck).

    1. Hi Sarah, you are so kind! I loved that photo, but never knew I would find such a perfect use for it. I hope you can happen along just the right replacement for your little celtic cross. Thanks for happening by today. I always love to hear from you.

  6. GORGEOUS post, Naomi. Beautiful photos and some lovely phrases.

    I particularly liked:

    “like breath moistened by a story”


    “You can still smell the salt in the air…like a ghost.”

    1. That is so kind of you. I really love to hear which passages or phrases stand out to a person–I think it is a really interesting way to learn about my blogging friends. I appreciate your visit, and especially the time you took to comment.

    1. Thank you. As a professional storyteller I am used to telling my stories with words alone. Blogging is like storytelling with visual aids, and it almost seems like cheating, but I LOVE to weave words and pictures into one.

  7. oh, I LOVE the first three photos, especially the second one, such deep tones and inventive compositions. My sons godmother lives in Ireland and she’s invited us many times, some day we will see those fantastic views as well. Thanks for the great photo post!

    1. Thank you, Annika. The colors there are so rich, and it really is the Emerald Isle, especially when there is soft weather–which is what they call the mist or the light rain–and that is often.

      Where in Ireland does your friend live? It almost doesn’t matter. Everything feels very close, and as Elyse said, there is nowhere in Ireland more than forty miles from the sea. I do hope you get there soon.

    1. Oh, my gosh! It all begins to make sense to me now! Well, of course you come from Ireland, which is where you must get your gift of gab and a touch of the old blarney! Thanks so much for stopping by, MJ.

    1. Hi, Madhu! I had wondered if that photo was too calm and too ordinary, but I have to remember that everyone has a different favorite. I really love that one, but you are the first one to mention that particular photo. Thank you so much for your visit, and for sharing your thoughts.

  8. I love how you weave your photos together with poetry. Always an intriguing perspective. thanks for posting these!

  9. So gorgeous. I don’t know Ireland that well, and reading this gave me insight into another aspect of it. The sea and the ocean are such compelling images, almost archetypes, and I love the way you’ve explored a country’s connection with its surrounding waters: so few words, but so poignant and true.

    1. Thank you, Grace. Putting the post together made me want to go back. But I hope to go back to the Czech Republic soon. Do you speak the language? How long have you lived there?

      1. Hi Naomi,

        I somehow missed this comment. Anyway, my Czech language proficiency is still at the beginner level. It is enough to navigate me around, buy groceries, go to the doctor, etc. And oh, I just made my first trip to the salon and was able to communicate what I wanted to do with my hair. We’ve been here for 1 yr and 2 months now.

  10. Oh my…the memories of the coast of Great Britain. Thank you Naomi…and thank you for not only travelling so deeply yourself but being able to take us there with your words and pictures.

    1. I wasn’t even present for one of my favorite memories of England. It was listening to your mom tell me all about hiking the south coast with you, taking up the journey each year where you left off the previous one. So I guess she was able to take me there with her words and the pictures they painted.

      I’m so glad to hear that your storytelling is taking off! It must be in the genes! Happy tales, Bev, and thanks for stopping by.

  11. Hi Naomi! Great post- makes me want to got back to the cliffs of moher! Did u really go out to skellig michael (how did u find the trip? Rough?). I hear they restrict trips out there these days? it’s one place I’ve always wanted to go!! Fantastic pics- really beautiful!

  12. Amazing photos that tell such a story. I’ve never been to Ireland. It’s on my to visit list. 🙂

  13. Gorgeous pictures! I especially love the first two. The first one with the yellow, and the angle taken of the graveyard. Now I want to go! Although, I find it hard to imagine that it could be as beautiful as these pictures.

    1. Dear Naomi,
      It is that beautiful. I hope you go, and when you do, I will list for you all the places not to be missed.
      Thank you for your very generous response–it is always good to hear from you.

  14. I’m Irish and in Ireland but I didn’t realise it was that nice. Gotta love that we have so much sea though and it’s never too far away. Terrific pics, Naomi.

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