One Village

In my travels I prefer a village setting to a big city, and will bypass London for thatched roof country, or head straight out of Rome to explore the ancient villages of Umbria , Tuscany or Ligurnia.  All over the world, they are so different.

On the little island of Aeroskobing in Denmark…

…or above the clouds high up in the mountains of Switzerland.

At sea level in Iceland…

….or at the foot of a Norman castle in Ireland.

In the shadow of Cesky Krumlov Castle in the Czech Republic…

…or on the shore of a fjiord in Norway.

Beneath an ancient Roman aquaduct in Spain…

…or on a little cobbled street in Dorset.

Each has its own unique story and history…





And characters…

All so different and yet so familiar.

Almost like family.

Copyright 2012 Naomi Baltuck


  1. Naomi! You brought so many memories back to me with your first photo, I had not even read that it was taken in Denmark and I already knew it, it looks pretty much like the neighborhood that was next to my school, I love that kind of architecture and it reminds me a lot on my exchange; But I like the other ones too, the second one looks pretty much like Colombia, and the street performer is truly fascinating.

    1. Hi Pablo,
      I forgot that you had studied in Denmark. It is a wonderful country! Was it a big adjustment? The weather is very different from Columbia. I have heard that Columbia is beautiful and green.

      1. Yes, Colombia is really green and the landscpaes are amazing, but in Denmark there are really beautiful places too; it was a big change but I liked it, it is a different chapter of my life and I enjoyed every single second up there 🙂

      2. That’s so cool, Pablo. My son studied abroad in Argentina last year. He loved studying abroad, and is going back on a Fulbright next March.

  2. Every time you post your pictures I think about how badly I want to travel with you. That and listen to you tell stories. 🙂

  3. What a complete and great contribution for this week theme ,
    I love it Thanks for sharing my friend 🙂

      1. I bet. The last time I went traveling was to the 2010 International Expo in Shanghai. I felt like I never left home. Looking forward to your new adventures, Naomi!

  4. Loved this post Naomi!…I think what wonderful memories you’ve made as a family and for your children…I especially love the photo of the man “talking” to the swan on the road that always floods. Life should have that sign hanging over it, lol.

    1. Dear Terri,
      Thank you for your thoughtful and very kind words. We really live fairly modestly–rarely go out to eat, don’t do much shopping, we’ve lived int he same house for over twenty years. Travel has been our priority and our big indulgence, and it has been really love to share with the kids.
      I loved your thoughts on the road sign! The Swan Man is such an interesting person! I have met him several times on different trips while doing research for a book that will be set in Bosham. I don’t know where he lives; I just know I will find him feeding the swans. He always takes us around on a tour, and tells us stories of the village and the people who live there–things we couldn’t possibly learn anywhere else.

  5. Naomi, this is the most beautiful travel retrospective I have ever had the pleasure to view! Gorgeous pictures, thank you do much for sharing your story!

  6. You and I have similar travel tastes. G and I avoid the cities as much as possible – the out-of-the-way, off-the-beaten-track, in-the-middle-of-nowhere villages have so much to offer. The memories of these places lingers longer and more vividly, for me at least.

    1. That’s my kind of travel! We will visit a big city to see the museums–art and culture and history is what we love most. WE had to go to Naples, because that’s where all the art from Pompeii and Herculaneum ended up. We had to go to Rome to see Italy’s national treasures in their national museum, and other treasures like the Pantheon, the Forum, and the Coliseum, but once we had done all that, and then gone once more to take the kids to see it, we took to the hills!

  7. This is amazing entry for weekly sunday post, fascinated me all your photographs… I am in love with village(s)… Thank you dear Naomi, love, nia

  8. What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! I, too, choose the small villages and the off-the-beaten track places when I travel. I love the warmth of small places, and when I travel, I seem to experience the local culture in a more intense way in a village rather than in a city. And if you know or befriend someone on your travels, that makes it all the better.

  9. I can’t explain how I feel when I view your pics. It’s like being there and experiencing these moments. I want to stick my toe in the water and definately jump into a red phone booth! Lovely….thanks again for sharing, Naomi ♥ (I LOVE the guy on the bike….so sweet)

  10. just wonderful. there’s so much to those little places. and your photo essays are a great way to mind-travel. thanks for piecing this together.

    1. Airfare has jumped up so high lately. We took it one destination at a time, and going when miles were easy to cash in, and airfares were still competitive. We live a pretty frugal lifestyle, driving old cars, etc.with travel as our priority.

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