Mom Always Said…

Hi friends,
Best wishes to you all for a Happy Mother’s Day. If your mom is still here, may you share hugs and laughter. If not, may you share stories and love to keep her close. In West Africa they say no one is truly gone, so long as they are remembered. For those of you who have not met her, I’d like to introduce you to my mom.

Writing Between the Lines

Hope for the best, expect the worst, and try not to be disappointed.   My mother’s life philosophy was actually pretty upbeat for a kid whose family lost everything during The Great Depression, including her father, who died of Brain Fever when she was only eight.  Grandma Rhea supported her children by sewing and taking in wash.  My mom shared a bed with Grandma, so they could rent out her room to make ends meet.  But they didn’t always quite make it.  In the freezing Detroit winters, they nailed blankets over the windows because they couldn’t afford coal to heat the house.

Their only book was the family bible.  But Mom found a copy of Alice in Wonderland in a box of textbooks left by a renter.  She read it cover to cover.  As soon as she finished, she turned back to the first page and started over.  She had…

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  1. ShimonZ says:

    I remembered this post. It made such an impression on me. But I’ve gone back and reread it, and I love it. Thank you for reminding us of the post, and for sharing it with those who didn’t see it before. I think I even liked it more this time around… if that’s possible…

    1. Dear Shimon,
      I hardly ever re-blog a post, and I hoped my friends wouldn’t mind, so I especially appreciate your very kind response. You are very dear!

      1. frizztext says:

        Shimon is a wonderful reader with a good focus on the important things, yes!

      2. I agree completely! I think you also have an understanding of such things. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Constance B. Hartle says:

    Dear Naomi,

    Nice post. I thank you for it…

    Lots of Love, Con

    1. Dear Con,
      Thank you, dear sister!
      Much love,

  3. Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

    1. Thank you, Susan, and the same to you!

  4. Elyse says:

    I remember this post. Wonderful! Thanks for reposting it. Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Dear Elyse,
      Thank you for generous response! I will never forget your beautiful Mother’s Day story! Happy Mother’s Day to you too.

  5. Happy Mother’s Day Naomi, thanks for sharing this lovely post!

    1. Thank you, Darla! I hope your Mother’s Day was a happy one.

  6. scillagrace says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Naomi! This is a wonderful tribute to an amazing woman and her mother! As a Historic Interpreter, I tell of a widow who took in washing in order to support herself and 3 preschool children in the 1860s. Hope for the best…and work hard!

    1. Dear Scilla,
      One day, I would love to come and hear you tell your stories from history. Knowing what a fine writer you are, and how you always zero in on the heart of story, I am certain that it will be fantastic. Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

  7. Thanks for sharing this post, Naomi.

    1. Dear J.A., thanks for stopping by to meet my mom!

  8. rutheh says:

    What a lovely Mother’s Day post Naomi.
    Thanks for your good words on my blog, too

    1. Dear Ruth,
      Thanks so much. And I love stopping by your blog. You always have something new to make me smile.

  9. Island Traveler says:

    A post that makes us love all the more our moms. Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Dear Island Traveler,
      Thank you so much. I loved your Mother’s Day post, and know that you had a very happy day with your sweet family! You are making the most of every minute while you have your son close by. These formative years are so important! My kids are scattered–Bea down at university, Eli teaching in Argentina– but we all four of us had a long visit on Skype, which was really really fun, and then we took my husband’s mom and my brother out to dinner and played cards afterwards. A very quiet, but sweet day!

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