Posted by: Naomi Baltuck | March 13, 2014

Oceans (and the Irish Coastline)

I am working on a program of stories for St. Patrick’s Day, which has me thinking of my last trip to the Emerald Isle…

Writing Between the Lines

In Ireland, the ocean is everywhere.

Sometimes hiding in the mist…

History hangs heavy in the ocean air, like breath moistened by a story.

In rough weather…

Or calm…

Whether watching intently…

Or only vaguely aware of it…

You can still smell the salt in the air…like a ghost.

You can feel it like a heartbeat…

And hear it like a lullabye…

Copyright 2012 Naomi Baltuck

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  1. Just like in the Annwyn’s Secret… beautiful and inspiring… I love Irland very much and wish one day to be able to spend few months there… writing, naturally!! :-)claudine

    • Dear Claudine,
      Thank you for sending this link. Your story sounds intriguing, and Ireland makes a lovely backdrop for a story! It is my hope to one day spend a month or two in Europe working on a novel. I’ve been to Italy several times collecting colors and stories, as the novel I am currently working on is set in Tuscany.

      • Dear Naomi, let me know when you’ll plan your trip! And I’m quite interested to get a “glimpse” of your Avventura toscana… we’ll spend the Easter down there… Hugs and all the best to you! :-)c

  2. Hi Naomi Your reblogged post looks a bit funny. All the photos are one below the other and all the text is at the end.


    • Dear Meg,
      This is very strange! I am not sure why that would happen. It looks okay to me. I wonder if it is because it is reblogged, and if you follow the link that says “Writing Between the Lines,” maybe it will take you back to the original post.
      In any case, thanks so much for the visit and the ‘heads up!’ It is always good to hear from you.

  3. Pleased you reposted this Naomi – the west of Ireland is like nowhere else in the world.

    • Thank you, Roy. I recall that you have connections in Ireland. I would like to go back with my sister one day, as she has never been there. Am glad that you found another place to live that is also like nowhere else in the world!

  4. I love that picture of the reflection – brilliant! 😀

    • Thanks, Dianne. That was taken at The Giants’ Causeway, a fantastic place that inspires. Happy spring!

  5. Beautiful. I’ve always wanted to see Ireland – better put it on the list 🙂

    • Dear Alison and Don,
      It is a wonderful destination, and very easy. After Peru it will seem like a vacation from your vacation.

  6. Fabulous. This line grabbed me, “…like breath moistened by a story” and “You can feel it like a heartbeat…, And hear it like a lullabye…”

    Oh heck, I loved ALL of this . Every word. A suggestion of ocean air lingers as I enjoy the photos. 😀 thanks for the brief reprieve from Old Man Winter.

    • Thank you, Tess. I hope that we left Old Man Winter in our dust. Happy Spring! Time for some hanging baskets, and am keeping an eye out for robins and hummingbirds.

      • You are welcome.
        Please, please. I also hope the birds show up soon. 🙂

  7. Lovely, Naomi! Thank you for the tour 🙂

  8. Your words are as beautiful as the photos, Naomi.

  9. So beautiful. I love Ireland. You took me back there with this post.

  10. The photo of the reflection in water makes me smile, it looks like a frog. 🙂 All of your photos are lovely. Ireland is a place I would love to explore. It’s on my bucket list.

  11. This is a beautiful post, Naomi. You captured my experience and memories of Ireland so very well. Thanks for the trip back in my memory store.

    • Dear Pat,
      Thanks so much for the visit. Working on Irish stories, and then revisiting these places through my photos has made me eager to return to the Emerald Isle as well.

  12. Would love to visit Ireland. It is on my top 10 places to visit as I am partly Irish. Beautiful pics!

    • Dear Kate,
      I hope you get there. It’s a wonderful thing to have Irish blood in you; maybe that’s where you get your ability to express yourself so artistically and passionately.

  13. It seems like such a magical place. Thanks for sharing this again.

    • Thank you so much for your visit, and your lovely response.

  14. Such magical pictures…love it!

    • Thank you, Britt. You will find that the climate of Ireland and Seattle are not so very different. Hoping your move is going smoothly!

      • Funny, when we visited Portland a few years ago I thought that it must be similar to Ireland. : )

  15. Lovely post Naomi – was in Ireland years ago and you’ve captured it beautifully. Nicely done!!

    • Thanks so much, Tina. I would love to go back one day.

  16. thank you for this wonderful Ireland gallery!

  17. Your photos make me want to go to Ireland straight away.

    • Dear Paula,
      Ireland would be captured so well in watercolor. I hope you will get there with your paints and your artistic eye one day!

  18. What a great trip you had, Naomi! Beautiful Ireland!

  19. Lovely tribute to a beautiful place. Sue

    • Thank you so much for the visit, Sue, and for your generous response.

  20. Wow, stunning gallery – yes, this is the picture we all should have on our memory card after visiting the island. I truly make me want to go back NOW!

    • Thank you. I am ready to go back too! I appreciate your visit.

      • Of course you’re going back … !!! *smile

  21. […] Travel Theme: Oceans (and the Irish Coastline) @ Writing Between the Lines […]

  22. The third picture down, Naomi, with the mist and the island in the water, the colors of blues and greens just makes it such a beautiful view! I adored this post the first time, but came back to comment! thanks so much!

    • Dear Robin,
      You are so kind to leave such a lovely comment! Thanks for the visit, and the revisit!

  23. having a Scots Irish family, I love these photos. These are fantastic, mystical, magical!! I love Ireland ( and Scotland) and one of my fave spots is Wicklow too though some family was from Galway (which I also love). Some of my photos are on my blogger blog. Gateways and Journeys.

    • We stayed at the hostel in Wicklow–very posh for a hostel! Then we went hiking in some of the greenest countryside I’ve ever seen! I look forward to exploring your blog.

      • I have a few stories on this wordpress blog. I’d be honoured if you might sometime read them. But my travel photos are on Gateways and Journeys on blogger. The link is on my wordpress sidebar.

  24. Just fun! 😀

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