Got Glow?

Have you ever met someone who seems to radiate light?

 And you wonder, is it magic?

Or love?

Or faith?

Or creative passion?

Or the simple joy of being alive?


It is inspiring.

Even contagious!

May you find whatever it is that makes your cheeks glow…


…your imagination take wing…


…and your heart sing.

All words and images copyright Naomi Baltuck.

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    1. Hi Suzanne,
      That is my very dear friend Pat, who is such a good sport! She is great on a road trip, and not just because she’s willing to pose for just about any goofy shot, but that is surely a bonus. Thanks for the visit!

    1. Dear Shimon,
      The lady kissing Elvis is my dear friend Pat, who is a kick in the pants and a barrel of laughs. I have so much fun with her. We went out to lunch at a quirky little place more than a year ago, and couldn’t leave without a photo. I’ve been waiting for just the right moment to pull it out and use it. Here’s to the simple joy of being alive!

    1. Ha! That’s my friend Pat, who got a big kick out of being called a pensioner! Thanks for stopping by–so good to hear from you, and so glad to know that you are ever so close to publishing your novel!!!!!!!

  1. I had to read this several times, I like it so much. I love the simple joy of being alive. And who knew an airplane could look so beautiful? I can’t help but wonder who you were thinking of when you wrote this, although I can probably guess. 🙂

    1. Dear Naomi,
      You are such a sweet soul! I feel so fortunate to have met you in this big wide blogosphere! I think I know what you are thinking that I am thinking. When I was twelve or thirteen, I remember sitting on the living room floor sketching–probably dragons or mermaids or big burly Vikings. My mom, who I never saw drawing even a stick figure (although she had many other talents), told me how amazed she was that I could take a pencil and a flat piece of paper and create something with life and dimension to it. Now I understand how she felt when I see my kids crafting worlds on paper, or with their words–taking ideas and having them realized by some tiny spark of divinity channeled through their fingers and brains.

    1. Dear Roy,
      You’d love it better in person. You wouldn’t believe the wild variety of doughnuts they carry–like maple frosting and bacon filled!
      Thanks for the visit. It’s always so good to hear from you.

    1. Thank you! That was a lucky shot. We happened to be in Chelan, a city with round streetlights, on the night of a full moon. My patient family followed me around the streets BEFORE dinner until I found the shot I was looking for. Then we celebrated with pizza!

  2. When I come to visit you, I always know that I will find beauty, truth, wisdom and much pleasure. If I had to pick a favorite, I think it would be your daughter in the glow of her tablet – there is just so much peace and contentment in that photo. Although the colors of the picture of the plane against the sunset draw me in too, but that photo projects a much different feeling.

    1. Dear Carol,
      I love that photo too. I am so happy for her to be able to feel that quiet fulfillment when she is writing, a sweet moment that I happened to catch, snapped on impulse, not even realizing at the time what it was that drew me to reach for the camera.
      Thank you so much for the visit, and for sharing your response with me. It is always good to hear from you.

    1. Hi Susan,
      Thanks for the visit. That is my good friend Pat, who is always fun to be with. (She’s a terrific storyteller too!) I keep hearing good things about you, and am sending good thoughts in your direction.

    1. Dear Scilla,
      That is my dear friend Pat. My sister Con once said that if you have a camera in your hands, people will do just about anything you ask them to, for the sake of the picture. But Pat goes beyond the call of duty. She is as fun as she looks, and also a very fine storyteller. We kind of grew up together in the storytelling community, and now I can hardly believe it, but I’ve known her for thirty years!

  3. Beautiful as always. Like a fortune cookie, but with the eye candy too! (P.S. my favorite glows are fireflies and little white twinkling lights and glitter strewn on anything!) Makes me soooo happy!

    1. Dear Sue,
      I love fireflies! I wish we had them in Seattle, but they are a special treat to see when we are traveling. And you KNOW how I feel about twinkle lights!
      Thanks for the visit. It’s always good to hear from you. Green Lake this week?

  4. These are the glows that inspires us to face life with joy, hope, optomism and adventure. Each picture glows not just because they are beautiful but also because they all come from loving, generous heart. Wishing you and your family tons of glowing moments and memories everyday.

    1. Thank you, dear friend! I feel the same way about each post you write. I know how important your family is to you, and it makes each photograph, each story shine.

    1. You are so kind, Tess. I appreciate your truly generous response, and your taking the time to share it. Speaking of trip journals, I was on the edge of my seat reading about your trip to the Toronto airport. Am eagerly awaiting the next episode!

  5. This was so pleasant – there was such a nice mood from the whole post 🙂 and my fav was the lap top shot – the soft glow – well it also depicts so much of life right now for so many… but really fun take on the glow word….

    1. Thank you for the visit, and for taking the time to share a very thoughtful comment. I remember my husband coming home one evening to find me and my two kids all sitting in the living room lit by twinkle lights, with the glow of our computers shining on our faces. I was posting, Bea was working on her novel, and Eli was doing homework, but it was still a glimpse into our life that made us smile–and gave us pause.
      I just visited your blog, and enjoyed it very much. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Thanks, honey. I love those shots too. I also really love the one of you with the soft glow of the computer screen going as you are totally absorbed with your writing.
      So nice to hear from you!

    1. Hi Britt,
      Thank you! I took it more than a year ago, and it cracks me up every time I see it. I was just waiting for the right moment to dust it off and use it. Hey, how are you liking Portland? I hope you are settling in. I don’t know any place where springtime is more beautiful than here in the Northwest!

      1. I’m loving it here so much! The weather was so funny today. Sunshine, rain, sunshine, rain. But, everything is getting so fluffy and green…incredible to see the transformation.

    1. Hi Jill,
      Thanks for the lovely comment. They have hot air balloons here in the Northwest, but I had to go to Turkey before I was willing to get in one!

  6. When I lived in Indianapolis every year at fair time there would be a hot air balloon test time. It was called “light the night”. It was magical. Your photo brought it to mind. Love your interpretation of the theme.

    1. Oh, that would be an incredible sight! We left in the darkness, and it was still pre-dawn when many of the balloons were being fired up to go, but I would have loved to see how they looked in the complete darkness. My only concern would be landing in the dark, but I guess they managed to land all right, or they wouldn’t have done it.

    1. Hi Meg,
      I think that shot is a natural favorite for travelers like you. I remember seeing a camper with a bumper sticker that said, “Itchy Feet, Twitchy Toes,” and I know that feeling too. I think springtime must do that to us.
      Thanks for the visit, and for sharing your response–I always love to know which photos appeal most to which people!

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