International Photography Month: For the Bardo Group Wordless Wednesday


c2014 Naomi Baltuck

Come visit The Bardo Group,

an international collective  fostering peace, proximity and healing

through our love of the arts and humanities.


    1. Hi Tess,
      There is a bit of mystery about this photo. I can read many stories into it. Looking in or looking out is a good question!. I picture it in my mind as the spirit of the tree, or the innocence and purity of nature. I also love your sense of the secrecy in this photo. Another interpretation I have in my mind is this as a symbol of all the stories in the natural world that will never be told.

  1. My first reaction is the lyrics to a song my daddy used to sing: “Peeping through the knothole/in Grampa’s wooden leg/ Who’ll wind the clock when I am gone?/Go get the ax, there’s a fly on Lizzie’s ear/But a boy’s best friend is his mother….” Okay, I’m just weird. I do love the textures, the mystery, the contrast of light, the playfulness. Thanks for sharing your selection and spreading the invitation!

    1. Dear Scilla,
      I used to sing this to my kids! I remember singing, “Looking through a knothole/in father”s wooden leg/ Why do they build the shore so near the ocean?/We feed the baby garlic so we’ll find him in the dark/and a boy’s best friend is his mother.” If you know this one, I bet you now a lot of other good songs too. I’d love to sit down and trade songs with you some day.
      Thanks for hosting the challenge, Scilla, and for your generous response to this photo.

      1. Love your idea! You wouldn’t believe how many silly lyrics I have crowding out more noble thoughts. 😉 Steve’ll tell you – everything is a song cue. (Thanks to Girl Scouts, my parents, and my particular affinity for being “the entertainer” in my family.)

      2. Oh, yes. Every commercial jingle and corny joke I make room for in my brain triggers a chain effect, and a higher thought becomes dislodged and falls out of my ear!

  2. Enchanting shot Naomi! Thank you for the link to the Bardo Group. Did you notice one of the pingbacks on the page reads “Reading between the minds?” !! 🙂

  3. This is wonderful. So much personality in it, mischief. 🙂 I feel like it’s the kick-off for a stroy. Thanks for sharing this and to you and Priscilla for the songs you remember. Never heard any version of the wooden leg song. I could sing you an old Lebanese children’s folksong about a little goat who didn’t listen to his mother … Closest thing my grandmother could get to a morality play, I think. 🙂

  4. Nothing less than we’d come to expect from The Bardo’s (and probably the World’s) finest photographer … this is a gorgeous picture that conjures an image of a child’s zest for the outdoors and adventure.

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