Beguine Again

 Hello, dear friends!

The Bardo Group has merged with Bequine Again, a B-zine featuring

an international collective of artists, poets, writers, and storytellers fostering peace, proximity and healing

through our love of the arts and humanities.

Please come visit!


  1. I enjoyed looking at their website and even saw you listed on the team page (way to go!!). I liked the link to the pictures of the women taking care of each other. Very refreshing.

    I hope to hear more from them in your blog posts.


      1. P.S. The post of all those wonderful women is by Priscilla, who is also on the core staff of The Bardo. She is a great photographer and writes thought-provoking essays.

  2. Naomi, this is such an enticing way to get us to peek at the place you are inviting us to look at! I would enjoy those gifts the collective fosters, peace, proximity and healing. Wow! Looking forward to peeking but will have to come back for a longer stay. Leaving the library for dinner and home…

    1. Thank you, Robin! It’s great to hear from you–I love that photo too. In it my daughter Bea reminds me of some little tree spirit, or perhaps a personification of innocence.

      I hope you had a nice dinner out!

    1. Thank you, Sarah. I know that the pen is mightier than the sword. I love the image of peace arrows, which I have never heard before. Perhaps where they land, it makes a tiny tear in the darkness and lets a little light shine through.

    1. Thank you for the visit, and for sharing your perception. I have heard it said that it takes one to know one. Every word you used could also be describing your own blog, which embraces all of the ideals The Bardo Group celebrates.

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