My Hero!

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to have the time and space to look at our lives…

…and the people we share them with.  I’ve spent well over half my life with Thom.

He is such a good sport…and pretty darn cute too.

He has put up with all my quirks, neuroses and annoying habits all these years…

…which is probably a little like being married to Lucy Ricardo.

Come to think of it, he’s always quick to jump on board the family bandwagon.

But he is a calm voice on whom the kids and I can depend for a fresh perspective.

Such a gentle and compassionate soul.

He is my playmate…

…my safe harbor…

the father of my children…and it shows.

And in this world of uncertainty…

…the kids and I know he is always there to catch us should we fall.

We would follow him anywhere.



And that means anywhere!

My friend.

My love.


 My prince.

Dear Thom, here’s wishing you a Happy Birthday, and many more!

All words and images copyright Naomi Baltuck.


    1. Hi Toby! Thanks for making me smile. Just been up to my ears with travel, house guests, storytelling and work commitments. It’s really sweet to hear from you. Thanks for thinking of me.

    1. Hi Carol, It would probably drive some people crazy, as we are also both very independent and tend to wander off into our own little worlds–I write for long quiet periods, he referees soccer or goes to games with his buddies, I travel with my sis and have women’s writing retreats. I learned long ago that one person can’t fill all of another person’s needs, but we are there for each other when we need to be, and give each other the space we need to fill in the gaps. We share a love of theater, travel, children (and ours in particular), and even with our kids hundreds of miles away, we unwind by playing a game or two of Pandemic–it’s a satisfying feeling, saving the world. We attended our first political rally together this summer–go Bernie! I know I’ve been very fortunate, and I take nothing for granted.
      Thanks for writing, Carol.

    1. Dear Naomi, Thank you so much for that sweet thought! It is wonderful when two people do find a good balance, and even more so when they recognize it. We are lucky ducks, and we both appreciate that. So good to hear from you–I hope you are well!

  1. That is lovely. You are quite the photographer. I enjoyed this. Happy Birthday to Thom..

    Norris Spencer Storyteller

  2. Heart melting. I love that you all have so much fun as a family, and do all kinds of fun things together. It’s clear you all actually enjoy each other, and that you all have a strong sense of playfulness. Both are rare.

  3. Happy Birthday Thom. You sound like the perfect man with a wife who loves you to bits.
    Naomi, that is the most wonderful tribute to best friend, soul-mate, lover, and father of your children. Just reading it, makes me go all warm and fuzzy inside.

    1. Dear Lee,
      Mom always said it would take someone with the patience of a kindergarten teacher to manage me (put up with me), and that’s what Thom was doing when we met. I feel so fortunate every day of my life. Thanks so much for stopping by.
      We love you too, Big Sis!

    1. Dear Lesley,
      Yes, yes, yes! We must celebrate everything we can every chance we get. Today I am thankful to have a blogging friend who took the time to visit and to share your very generous response–I am deeply touched. xoxo,

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