The Icing on the Cake

A visit from a friend…

A ride on the ferry…

A road trip across the Olympic Peninsula…

…to Olympic National Park.


…and more wildflowers.


…and more wildlife.

To top off these incredible views…

…we experienced a spot of weather, with thunder clouds rolling in.

In a matter of moments…

…we had a completely different view.

Just as dramatic.

Just as beautiful.

And just a little bit dangerous.

It was the icing on the cake.

All images and words copyright Naomi Baltuck

The Weekly Travel Theme: Weather.

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  1. And you saved the cake till last! Lovely to see photos of another trip. Bea 22! I can’t believe it. Love all that nature (and nurture) in your part of the world. M

    1. Dear Meg, It was the perfect way to enjoy a birthday. Yes, the time does fly, doesn’t it? I have a picture of you at the storytelling festival in Wales, holding the hand of my little two and six year year olds! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. How do they do that so quickly? We blink and they’re walking, talking , dating, graduating, going to college – growing up. And here we are, not a day older. Uh huh.

    1. Or heading off to Mongolia! Bea is launched and has safely arrived already, and Eli is coming home from Mexico to pack for Mongolia and meet up with her. Your analysis was spot on, Carol. Thanks for the smile.

      1. We are so fortunate to have two national parks only a couple of hours away. We can get to the Olympics by hopping on a ferry, which makes getting there fun too.

    1. Thank you, Alison. The mountain goats were a little scary. A couple of years before, when we were attending a storytelling festival in Port Angeles, we heard a great bluegrass band on Friday night. They went walking the next day on that same hike on Hurricane Ridge, and one of them was gored to death by an aggressive mountain goat. When the herd blocked our path back down in the fog, we all had that story in mind. Thanks for the visit, and taking the time to comment!

      1. Yes, this particular goat had a history of aggression. I conversed on the trail with a woman who had been called in to testify about a complaint she had filed the week before about that same goat. She said the family had settled with the park system out of court, and her testimony was not required.

    1. Hi Gilly,
      A thunderstorm is exhilarating, but the mist is quietly compelling, and it is a little spine-tingling when it comes in so quickly like that, changing your world completely.

  3. Hi Kate,
    There always seems to be an abundance on Hurricane Ridge, but it’s the first time I’ve seen the mountain goats there. Thanks for the visit–I hope your summer is going well.

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