The Many Degrees of Spooky

Something to think about this scary time of year, and I’m not talking about Halloween.

Writing Between the Lines

Okay, guys.  There are so many degrees of spooky.  There is silly spooky fun, much of it tasteless.

Well, actually this one tasted pretty darn good!

So did these guys, but you know what I mean.

In the real world, mildly spooky is a vicious ATM that eats your cash card five minutes after landing in a foreign land, and then being forced to use your rusty high school Spanish to try to get it back over the phone from a bank where no one speaks English.  To no avail.  The machine can smell your fear, and the voice on the other end of the line really doesn’t care.  But you know you’ll survive.

Or how about when your staircase remodel is taking far too long, and every night you build a barricade of chairs and boxes around the gaping opening, and you realize you’re telling your children, “Don’t fall…

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  1. scillagrace says:

    I bet Eli’s Spanish could totally get your card back now!

    1. Hi Priscilla,
      Even back then, Eli’s Spanish was fluent, although his confidence has grown. Even so, the underlying problem was that the bank just didn’t care. We managed, though. I had a cash withdrawal card that got us through the trip. Always good to have backup!

  2. The ATM card gone in a foreign land is a true nightmare in my opinion.

    1. Thank goodness my cash card worked!

  3. Roy McCarthy says:

    Excellent post Naomi. So many bones but, there again, how many people have lived and died since Adam & Eve? You’re bound to come across some of them occasionally.

    Yes it’s an unequal world but generally there are more safety nets for the vulnerable than there ever were. Times past it was just too bad if you got sick or couldn’t work or some other misfortune befell you. Hopefully the younger generations will make a better fist of sharing out the world’s resources.

    1. I hope so, Roy. Except for Obamacare, it has just gotten worse and worse in this country as the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class becomes downwardly mobile at an alarming rate. Much depends upon the results of today’s election.

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