Posted by: Naomi Baltuck | December 16, 2017

Looking for the Light

The things I used to write about–travel, photography, family fun–seem trivial as I watch my country die the agonizing Death by a Thousand Cuts.  It’s like staring into the sun when you know you should look away–what little I write these days always seems to circle back to Trump and the Republican Party, as they rip apart the fabric of my homeland.  Like 72% of all liberals, I suffer from an actual phenomenon called Trump Anxiety.  We feel helpless as we watch our social safety net destroyed, people marginalized, the poor made poorer while the obscenely rich are fed even more wealth and power by a corrupt government.

Once again I find myself writing about the agony of impotence, but it is to offer a suggestions on how to stay positive in these dark times.

Carry a camera wherever you go; search for beauty to photograph, and you will find it, even in the dark.  


Find comfort in a single ray of sunlight.


Get outside and let the soothing sensations of the natural world calm you…


…even in the rain.


Seize a moment of peace in the simplest of pleasures.Painting by Andrew Wyeth, currently on exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum.


Like the sharing of music…

…or laughter…


…or a story.


Even just a cup of coffee.


Be social, even if it means stretching yourself…


 …and you will probably be glad you did.


If you need to escape, always have a good book in hand, and the next one in mind.


Patronize businesses that embrace your values, and thank them before you leave.


If you can’t affect what happens in the White House, you can still help make your community a safe and welcoming place for everyone.  The local library is a good place to start.


Help organize and participate in programs, events, and activities to make a difference where you live.

Eva Abram, Roger Fernandes, and Allison Cox tell stories of Self and Solidarity.


Join your Neighborhood Action Coalition.  If you don’t have one, search out like-minded people and start one.

To alleviate the feeling of helplessness, speak out whenever you can…


…however you can…


…wherever you are.


You will discover that you are not alone.


Anger eats away at you from the inside.  Love is better for your health.


Give thanks for what you have, and don’t lose hope.


Especially this time of year, it is customary to push back the darkness and
celebrate the light.

It is there.


It is there.


It is there.


And keep in mind the words of King Solomon, who said, “This too shall pass.”












  1. I too have had a hard time writing since the election. I try to find the surprises in every day life (easy with grandkids), and go with the hope as much as possible but it is hard. But then something happens, like the Women’s March, and the Alabama election and we can just keep working, resisting, and hoping. Wonderful post, thank you for all you do.

    • Dear Lisa, thank goodness we have bright spots of hope to keep us going. Thank you so much for the visit–sending my best to you and your wonderful family.

  2. Yeah.

    Just, yeah.

    • So sorry, Aarene. Just read about your kitty’s passing and it is very sad. I still sometimes dream about the kitty I raised with infant formula from an eye dropper more than fifty years ago.

  3. Thank you….just that

    • Thank you, Deb. So good to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  4. All of these are better ideas than fretting over politics and a much more positive way to spend time.

    • Fretting does no good. Taking action based upon your feelings makes a huge difference. But sometimes you just have to take a time-out.

      Thanks for the visit. I enjoyed your blog–lots of great decorating ideas.

  5. We all need to encourage others, especially young folks, to VOTE. Partly why we are in the mess we are in, is due to low participation in the electoral process. Not just voting for president but on every level of elected offices.

    • I agree with you one hundred percent. I’ve heard that black women voters were the ones who tipped the scale in Alabama, as they came out in unprecedented numbers. Imagine if everyone showed up to vote!

  6. An inspiring set of photographs, Naomi. That light on that plate of apples reminded me of Dutch Masters. Had to search thesaurus for the right adjective – masterly wasn’t it. You have a real gift – the way you use words and photos. M

  7. Love love love your post Naomi. The antidote to all that’s repugnant. It can make one physically ill.
    I’m not an ostrich in the sand but I don’t look at news when I awaken. Or right before bed. Even by reading the headers I know how dire it is and everyday seems worse. I’ve been reading tons of books to escape and knitting my way into zen. Doing for others to make myself happier. It’s difficult. I like your examples of light and laughter snd love.

  8. So many glowing, light-guiding principles here, Naomi – honouring the wholesome, wholehearted and the joy-bringing. Happy days to you – come what may!

  9. Thanks, Naomi! I can use being reminded of all the things I am always reminding others of!
    Wonderful post!

  10. Bless you, Naomi. Indeed… As a kid, I used to be grateful I did not live during the Old West, as I saw that as dangerous and lawless. This is a more dangerous and lawless time.
    Thank you for the encouragement. Yes, the coming of the light~

  11. Beautiful, sensible advice. ❤

  12. A beautiful reminder that even in the darkest times, when shadows seem to darken everything, the light is still there, waiting for us. My heart is sore with all that’s happening in the States. A Canadian friend who’s lived and worked in NYC for a long time writes a blog that always lifts my spirits. I’d recommend it for anyone feeling despair –

  13. A wonderful and much needed post Naomi. I shall just add this:

    I make a point of reposting on Facebook it every month so people don’t forget.
    Wishing you much Christmas cheer and all the best for the new year

  14. Wise words, Naomi. I, too, suffer from Trump Anxiety. I have severe visceral reactions every time I read something he’s done or look at a photo. I often wonder if anyone who voted for him is regretting their choice? Your message of finding peace, beauty, love, and acceptance is extremely true. We cannot give up. We have to fight back in ways that matter, in ways that will make a positive difference.

    Merry Christmas!!

  15. Thank you, Naomi, for identifying the affliction that has been gnawing at me – tRump Anxiety. I have been making a concerted effort to write about things other than, to read fewer of the news articles, but I make a poor Ostrich. So I shall follow your excellent advice and take advantage of my phone’s camera more often. Had Alabama elected Moore, I think I would have seceded from this country.

  16. Lovely pics as ever Naomi. Your daughter is just gorgeous 🙂 Wishing you and your family a happy and anxiety-free Christmas from sunny Jersey.

  17. I hope you overcome the Trump anxiety very soon. Seeing things from outside your country, it seems completely out of proportion. progress usually proceeds two steps forward, one step back, and then a little hesitation. A country falling apart usually looks very different, as any student of history can tell you. What I see is a reaction or a backlash coming from your fellow citizens who’re objecting to some of the changes that have been part of the liberal agenda. You of all people should certainly understand that in in a family (and a nation is sort of an enlarged family) one has to progress with the understanding that no one will be left behind. Best wishes, your photos are beautiful.

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