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Now, more than ever…

Writing Between the Lines

When my daughter Bea was a little girl, she found a seed in a seedless Satsuma, and planted it in a tiny pot on our kitchen windowsill.  She kept the soil moist and, to our delight, a tiny Satsuma tree sprouted.  We nearly lost hope when the little tree was infested with insects, but it hung on.  Through the years, we tried everything we could think of to bring it back to health. We washed it with dish soap to get rid of the bugs, and transplanted it to a bigger pot.  We tried covering the soil with plastic wrap, to keep the bugs away from the leaves.  In desperation, we trimmed it down to almost nothing, but it came back–and so did the bugs.  I half hoped it would die, just to be done with it.

Last summer I set it out on the deck, like a fish thrown…

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  1. scillagrace says:

    Looking with hope toward a trip to the Badlands…hoping for fewer mosquitoes, which would make it Betterlands than here in over-watered Wisconsin!

    1. Yay! That sounds like fun. It is such a unique place.

  2. Prior... says:

    who says Jack doesn’t know shit – oh that was great….

    and I really liked this:

    Almost everything we do is an act of hope. Big ones and little ones.
    inspiring post

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Especially these days we need to draw upon hope.

      1. Prior... says:


        (and nice to connect via blog- sending a smile your way Naomi)

      2. I smiled broadly the minute I read your first comment, but I’m smiling again as I write this. Nice to be back in touch!

      3. Prior... says:

        🙂 –
        blog connection smiles are the best – and I leave with one – so thx

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