Posted by: Naomi Baltuck | October 9, 2018

Tiny Miracles

Writing Between the Lines

I have been out in the world again.  All the stories I’ve seen and heard and lived have been patiently but eagerly contained, just waiting to be told.

In Poland and Lithuania, where we were traveling, World War II still casts a long shadow over the land.  That is a long, hard, sad story.

But little stories are everywhere, and more often than not, you will find stories within stories.  In fact, they will find you.

In Vilnius, even the walls contained stories.  We started to notice things, like faded Hebrew lettering on an old wall…

…Or a Star of David scratched in stone seventy years ago.

We learned that our apartment was in the Vilnius Ghetto, where more than 42,000 Vilnius Jews were imprisoned before they were murdered.

Near our place was a statue in memory of Dr. Tsemakh Shabad, a Jewish doctor in Vilnius.  A lovely young Lithuanian named Yrita gave us the inside story.

 The good doctor was loved…

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  1. A lovely story, Naomi. The World Wars, as well as others, are still alive in memory in Europe. When I visit my s-i-l and b-i-l in France, I love seeing all the memorials, some even to American soldiers. Not because I like their deaths, but because they and the cause they fought for are remembered, something vital to our lives. Some years ago, we visited Omaha Beach where my f-i-l landed on D-Day and spent several days in the area, hearing stories from the man we hired to take us all over as well as in the museum and other places. What an experience that was!!


  2. Hi Janet,
    Do you know what Division your father-n-law was in? Did he speak of his experience? I know it is difficult for many of the veterans to discuss their experiences with anyone who hasn’t lived through them. My uncle landed at Omaha Beach and made it as far as the Siegfried Line before he was killed. I am always touched when their sacrifices are remembered. I found my own trip to Omaha Beach very moving, and the World War II Museum in Caen helps to explain the causes and consequences of the war.
    Thanks so much for your visit. I hope you are well.

  3. […] Please see the rest of her post and great photos here Tiny Miracles — Writing Between the Lines […]

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