Posted by: Naomi Baltuck | October 17, 2018


Writing Between the Lines

A bench is like an old shoe.  Whether in use at the moment…

…or long since abandoned…

…its former occupants leave their mark.

All over the world, these are the true thrones of the people.

They provide company…


…a sense of belonging…

…a place to rest…

…to reflect…

…to escape the worries of the workaday world…

…or not.

Oh, the stories they have heard…

The sights they have seen…

Those benches have been warmed by the flesh and blood of people who have loved…

…and sometimes lost. Who’s to say?

But the next time you see one, sit and rest a spell.  As you take the bench, and watch the world go by, don’t judge too harshly.

Listen to the stories it has to tell.  They won’t be so very different from your own.

All words and images copyright 2013 Naomi Baltuck.

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  1. Love your take on benches, Naomi – ‘true thrones of the people.’

  2. Lovely compilation. When the weather permits I love strolling to the park by the office with newspaper and a bit of lunch.

  3. Wonderful Naomi, each picture tells a story. Who doesn’t love a bench? I was in Marseille a little while ago and they were like gold dust, the only place to sit were cafes, do if you needed a rest you had to spend money!

    • Wow! That’s something I wouldn’t have thought about, or maybe something I just took for granted.

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