Apples From Heaven: Multicultural Folktales About Stories and Storytellers

Linnet Books, 1995, Apple Boat Press, 2007, PAPERBACK $15
 * Three Storytelling World Awards
 * The Anne Izard Storyteller’s Choice Award

“A rich collection of short tales and anecdotes–solemn, silly, romantic, swashbuckling, sly, subtle, broad–will have any audience on the edge of its seats or rolling in the aisles…This is for all who read, need, or use stories–and who doesn’t?” – Kirkus Reviews

“… a fine selection of traditional tales about stories and storytellers.  She practices restraint in her retellings, using a refreshingly straightforward approach and staying close to a traditional form that promotes reading and telling aloud… shows great diversity-there are stories from Iraq, Romania, and Melanesia… it is apparent from Baltuck’s introduction that this book was a labor of love.  It is also a strong anthology that will be very useful in comparative folktale collections as well as to librarians and storytellers.” – Booklist

Crazy Gibberish and Other Story Hour Stretches (from a storyteller’s bag of tricks)

Linnet Books, 1993, Apple Boat Press, 2007, PAPERBACK $15
* Elementary School Library Collection, 20th ed.
* Parents’ Choice audiocassette
* Editor’s Choice Audio-Booklist

“Baltuck’s enthusiasm…is evident in this useful compilation of chants, stories, songs, tongue-twisters, and other storytime entertainments…Instructions are simple, and each stretch includes a suggested age level, approximate running time, and musical accompaniment (where applicable)…The appealing format, compact size, and lively presentation make it a worthwhile title in any professionals’ collection.” – School Library Journal

Storytime Stretchers: Tongue Twisters, Choruses, and Charades

August House, Inc., 2007, PAPERBACK $15

Storytime Stretchers: Tongue Twisters, Choruses, Games, and Charades is a resource packed cover to cover with ‘two-minute miracles,’ ideal for working with children from preschool to high school age. Collected from author Naomi Baltuck’s own childhood, as well as from other storytellers, and children themselves, these delightful rhymes, tunes, call-and-response chants, and simple games are highly recommended for use anywhere children gather, from family occasions to Scout meetings to keeping young minds awake and alert at school.” – Midwest Book Review