Encore! More 2012 Blog of the Year Awards!!!

Hi friends,

In my last post, I told you all about the 2012 Blog of the Year Award, and thanked the dear friends who nominated me.   I decided to introduce you to my nominees for the 2012 Blog of the Year Award in two batches, so as not to overwhelm you.  Here is round two of my nominations for 2012 Blog of the Year.  They are all great bloggers, more of my followers who I happily follow, and it is my great pleasure to introduce you to them!

I wish you all the very best for the New Year, and look forward to another year of blogging, making new friends, hearing new ideas, going to places I’ve never been, revisiting places I love, and following your adventures!

Kate of Happenence has a delightful perspective, and will charm you with her illustrations and stories of her ‘tribe.’

Elyse of FiftyFourandAHalf is an excellent writer with a great sense of humor.  I really love her voice, and what she has to say.

Tita of Tita Buds’ Blog is a great storyteller, and a traveler, who makes me laugh.  I think you’ll enjoy her blog as much as I do.

Kasia James of Writer’s Block is all about writing, and that includes her new sci-fi novel The Artemis Effect.  When we’re really lucky, we get a peek at her adorable new baby!

Pablo of pablobuitrago365 is one of the most talented photographers in the blogosphere, and one of the nicest guys.  In 2012 he pledged to post a photo a day.  He completed his goal, but his spectacular work is still there to enjoy.

The Wanderlust Gene is a beautiful blog by a fantastic photographer who has treated her readers to an inside look at life in Sri Lanka, including a family of monkeys that sometimes comes calling.

Suzanne of Walking Papers Blog is a former newscaster who uses her considerable talent as a writer to blog about life, family, and her amazing mom’s courageous struggle with cancer.  Come here for inspiration and perspective.

Paula of stuff i tell my sister is a cheerful blogger who loves her sister, her family, and good wholesome fun.  You might be invited along on a drive in the country, offered a cup of coffee at the kitchen table, and sent home with a recipe for cucumber lemonade.

Francis of Niltsi’s Spirit blogs about a place where Frail Realities collide in a World of Hope and Beauty.  He has a little dog named Pumpkin, and a voice that should be heard.   He has asked not to be nominated for any awards, but I urge you to go read his About page, and you’ll know why I follow him.

MOUNTAINMEA has such a fresh honest voice.  Better yet, she is in her 6th decade of life and is still swinging around lamposts!

Knowledgeknut is a delightful blog written by a person with a sense of humor, who is a veritable fount of knowledge about all kinds of things you didn’t realize you wanted to know.

Crazy Train to Tinky Town is written by an adventuresome young woman who is a fantastic storyteller with a great sense of humor.  Hear all about her life in Turkey, her repatriation to life in England, and laugh aloud at the photographs–snatches of life that only she could catch.

Meg Travels is a top notch blog, all about traveling, and spectacular photographs of faraway places.  Very classy!

Judy of jayjaysfavorites tells of travel, shares gorgeous photos and some great stories to go with them.

Laura Stanfill is a novelist who has just published a non-fiction book, Brave on the Page, which is all about writing from the POV of many of her writer friends.  Her blog is a community service, a yellow brick road for writers who are trying to navigate the changing world of publishing.

Julia of Journey with Julia is a wise and gentle person, whose posts sometimes read like poetry.  Join her on her journey on a road that is sometimes bumpy, but she keeps putting one foot forward.  It is well worth a visit, and a follow.

Living the Seasons–I really like this blogger’s style, the photos of her family, her easy natural voice, and that she sees beauty everywhere.

Nae of Nae’s Nest is a spirited and courageous woman whose blog is about “dancing with cancer,”  a subject she addresses through her poetry.  I cannot believe the courage she displays in her battle, and I am amazed at the strength she draws from her writing.  I think you would find it thought-provoking and inspiring, and I think she would love to hear from you.