The Same Boat

Writing Between the Lines

Last summer the Seattle Theater Group treated its season ticket holders to a champagne lunch aboard a Holland America cruise ship.

The closest we’d come to a cruise was a day trip from Helsinki to Talin. Thom dusted off his sports jacket…

…and we went to lunch with our friend Monica.

Looking up…


…or sideways…


…there was unabashed glitz and glamor.

After dessert…

…they turned us loose.

We acquainted ourselves with the pool.

The art.

And the dance floor.


The lines…




…and colors were striking.

It was ‘The Titanic…

…meets Blade Runner.’

A place out of time.  A floating island.  Everyone the star of his or her own movie.

Across the harbor it was business as usual.


Gritty stories were played out in choppy waters, a world apart from our pampered microcosm.

As we left the parking lot, we drove through a sobering intersection of poverty and privilege.

Having just left a…

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  1. Roy McCarthy says:

    Did anyone follow Seattle Naomi?

    I can only watch and wonder how our leaders are elected. In the UK they’ve just had another toff, a privileged and frankly dangerous man, elected as their Prime Minister. And you bet that his priority won’t be worrying about social issues but on how long he can cling to power.

    To be honest I’ve decided that’s there’s little I can personally do to change the world, but to do my best by others close by.

    1. Dear Roy,
      That’s all you can do, but it makes a difference. Just think if everyone did their best to help their neighbors, their friends, or strangers in need. Martin Luther King said that if you can do something great, so smaller things in a great way. I might not be able to influence national politics, but I feel like I am having a positive impact with the work I’m doing locally as a part of my Neighborhood Action Coalition. When I’m feeling helpless about this shameful painful mess they are making of our country and of our world, it helps to be doing some good where I can. Good on you, Roy!
      Best wishes,

  2. Prior... says:

    excellent fun photos – fav is the dance floor one

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