Flowers (are like people)


Each flower…


…is a miracle of nature…

…a work of art.


They are like people.  Each one shines on its own.


But it is through contrast..

Italy plus 075


…or complement….


Canon20D- 384

…and through interaction…


BJsldSevenBaltuckAndBenTheDog 001



Italy plus 671





IMG_6038 2


…that we truly shine.


All words and images copyright 2018 Naomi Baltuck



  1. So sweet. I can’t decide what photo I like best. But I’m glad you included dandelions. When they are not growing in my lawn, I like them quite bit. Thanks for the photo journey.

  2. I could hear the song birds amongst the trees. It’s a cold winter’s morning Down-under and the colours, light and feelings in these photos of yours warm me up as I head out to work. Thanks

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Meg. At a storytelling gig in Winthrop, I was thinking of you, and how much fun it was to have you come along for the festival. Love, Naomi

  3. I enjoyed your pictures and descriptions so much, but it was nice seeing your thoughts flow, unseparated by photos, in the form of a poem in the reader. Very inspirational!

  4. I enjoyed your pictures and descriptions so much, but it was nice seeing your thoughts flow in the form of a poem in the reader. Very inspirational!

      1. Usually it happens the other way around for me. I think I have left a comment, but somehow I move my mouse and find that it has all disappeared! I am ALWAYS glad to hear from you!

  5. From the soft pink of the apple blossoms to the pop of orange in the poppy you caught the beauty of each individual flower. Love the sunny Hollyhock as well. couldn’t pick a favorite if I wanted to they are all so beautiful. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Grace. I snapped that shot at Smith College in Massachusetts last April. the sun was shining through the blossoms from behind, lighting them up like a Christmas tree.

  6. Beautiful – it was hard to decide which picture was the best! You did a great job with pictures and words. Blessings ~ Patty

    1. Dear Millie,
      Thank you so much! I am so far behind in my blogging, between travels and storytelling, but hope to catch up soon. I so appreciate your visit, and your kind words.

  7. I don’t know if I ever told you that I wasn’t interested at all in flower photos, I don’t know why, they didn’t erally interest me at all, but I don’t know why the 365 project changed my mind and made me see them in another way.
    Beautiful photos!!
    Love them!

    1. Hi Pablo, thank you for your visit and your kind words. It’s interesting how you perspective changes when you have a camera in your hands. It’s a little like having children. After I became a mother I started seeing the world through their eyes, and everything looked so fresh and wonder-full!

  8. Beautiful- the decorative lights are amazing. And I kept trying to zoom in on that cute lil boy’s hinder…no luck;) Keep up the great posts!

    1. Thank you, Anna. Made me smile–as usual! We keep our twinkle lights up all year round to add a little festivity and warmth to the night, but during the winter holidays, we like a LOT of twinkle!

  9. it’s a warm blog which posts lots of smiling faces, funny tours and lovely family gathering.. everytimes read the posts here, just feel warm! thank you for your sharing, Naomi!

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